What to do if you get arrested ?

First, do not say anything without having your lawyer present. Second, do not say or do anything to annoy, harass or otherwise bother jail/prison inmates, visitors, employees etc. Call your lawyer as soon as they allow you a phone call. If you do not have a lawyer call one from  the local bar association lawyer referral service ( they are listed in the phone book ) or call one from phone book or internet or referral from family or friends, or other source. Remain quiet and do not cause trouble while waiting for family,friend, attorney to come to see you  and if possible bail you out or get you released on your own recognizance. Be respectful to court personnel and judge when you are arraigned on the charge. Show up on time for all court appearances  and do not miss any court appearances as  if bail was set it will be forfeited  and whoever bailed you out will not get their money back and  if you are trying to enter into a plea bargain or if you want to go to trial, it will be harder to obtain a favorable plea  and sentence or harder to get acquitted after trial if you missed one or more court appearances. Look for more articles on criminal and other areas of law in the future.


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  1. This is the first blog article in a series of blogs on criminal law and other areas of the law. our comments are welcome.

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